Product dispensing
made easy
Easily dispense your home-care recommendations
personalized for each patient without carrying
physical inventory. PatientPlus enables the
convenience your patients want in
one simple experience.
Now accepting dentists in NY, NJ, CT.
Home care, delivered
Convenient delivery and access to products that support your recommended home care
Rewards for Retention
Engage your patients with sharable rewards to grow your referral base and show appreciation
Dynamic Online Presence
Optimizing your online presence to build your reputation and grow your practice
“My patient actually called to thank me for PatientPlus!”
Julie, member hygienist
Home care, delivered
Offer leading brands and
specialty products
Improve patient access to exclusive
professional products.
The convenience of automatic
subscriptions and free home delivery.
Save your patients time and money
and build recurring revenue.
and many more...
Give your patients access to an exclusive online maket. Patients get personalized recommendations, instructions and members-only pricing on professional products not available in stores. Dramatically improve patient convenience and care while taking the hassle out of keeping product inventory. No need to deal with payments taxes or returns. You can even build and addition revenue stream or pass on additional savings to your patients.
“97 percent of online shoppers are
motivated primarily by saving time
and simplifying their lives.”
Bernadette Tracy, Media Life.
Rewards for Retention
Incentives for patients that help
build your referral community.
Customized rewards to promote
compliance and engagement.
Gifting makes referring your practice
fun, easy, and rewarding.
Perks is a powerful integrated rewards system
ready to exceed patient expectations and help
you build your referral community, improve
compliance, and boost engagement.

Patients earn points redeemable for services and
products you select. Uniquely, patients can share
points with friends and family that could benefit
from your care. Amplifying the power of Perks
outside your current patient base.
63% of consumers do not believe companies are doing enough to reward their loyalty
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Dynamic Online Presence
Patient surveys on PatientPlus help build
the trust to turn prospects into patients.
Your mobile optimized profile presents
a clean, easy to use, actionable presence.
Build your social media presence through
our free automated platform.
Great! Dr. Ryan just got a referral and guess what they did before calling the office. That’s
right, they went online to see what Dr. Ryan is all about. Think Dr. Ryan has put himself in
the best position to get this new patient?

Showcase helps build the credibility and trust necessary to turn skeptics into believers.
Social Media is the #1 activity on the web
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